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Fairtrade Eastern Africa | February 27, 2020

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Buying Fairtrade

Why should I buy Fairtrade?

Buying Fairtrade products is a powerful way to support Kenyan and African producers. With Fairtrade everyone wins:
You! Every time you choose a product carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark you are making a positive difference in Africa’s move forward. You are also shopping green, helping the environment. For some concrete examples, go to Fairtrade in Action.
Producers! From your purchase, producers receive a fair price that covers their cost of production. You improve their livelihoods and that of their communities by contributing to their communal development fund via premiums. Read more about their benefits here.

Which Fairtrade products are available and where can I find them?


Currently the following Fairtrade products can be found in a shop near you. Make sure you look out for the FAIRTRADE Mark on the package!

1. Dormans SAFARI Fair Trade coffee (250g & 500g)


A perfect combination of high altitude, cool climate and rich, volcanic soil produces a deliciously fragrant coffee with a crisp, clean taste and a mix of blackberry flavours. This gourmet coffee offers the best of Kenya!

Dormans purchases coffee from three major coops for the Safari blend: Rumukia, Ndumberi and Gikanda. It is currently the only Fairtrade coffee available in the market.

Where can I buy it? You can find it in supermarkets like Nakumatt, Uchumi and Chandarana or at Dormans’ coffee outlets. Other sale points include Muthaiga Mini Market, Kenya Museum Society, Diplomatic Duty Free and in several hotels.

2. Cadbury Dairy Milk [plain]


Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is made with the finest cocoa and mix of ingredients. It is the beans from the ripe, golden pods on the cocoa tree that are harvested to make chocolate. Cadbury Dairy Milk is the defining taste of chocolate in Kenya.

The Fairtrade chocolate is produced in Ghana, West Africa, and manufactured at Kraft Foods Cadbury factory in South Africa, a perfect example of South-to-South trade. Currently only the [plain] version carries the FAIRTRADE mark.

Where can I buy it? In a supermarket or shop near you!

3. Kericho Gold

Kericho Gold

Kericho gold is also very keen to go Fairtrade. The three lines below have been licenced;

Kericho Gold Green Tea – An authentic and smooth blend of high quality green tea with naturally occurring antioxidants to awaken your spirits.

Kericho Gold Earl Grey – A blend of high quality black tea with a distinct flavour and aroma of bergamot.

Kericho Gold Spiced Tea – A popular blend of high grown pure Kenyan tea prized for its coppery brightness, fullness and strength.

4. Tanica Cafe


The Tanica Café Fairtrade Instant Coffee is processed out of Robusta and Arabica beans produced by members of Kagera Cooperative Union Ltd. Processing takes place at TANICA factory thereafter, sales is through TANICA distribution centers in Mwanza, Arusha and Dar es salaam Tanzania. Product coming soon to a supermarket near you!

5. Gacharage Tea

Gacharage Tea

6. Lecom Coffee


Where can I buy it? In a supermarket or shop near you! for more products and where they can be found click here.

These products are manufactured in Africa. However, more Fairtrade products are currently available, though processed in Europe:

7. Fairtrade Wines

Frisky ZebraIncluding the following;

Frisky Zebras

Frisky Zebras are available from: Chandarana Foodplus supermarket stores, Selected Nakumatt stores countrywide, Brown Biashara Limited Mombasa (wholesale direct to off-trade and on-trade).

– Five’s Reserve
– House of Mandela
– Fair Vodka
– Fairhills
– Earthbound
– De Bos
– Deetlefs
– David Frost
– Thembi
– Stormhoek
– Fairvalley
– Thandi Wine
– Six Hats
– Rhythms of Nature
– Place In The Sun
– Palesa Hust Spirit
– Juno

Where can I buy it? In a supermarket or shop near you!

8. Doves’ Farms Flap Jacks

Wholegrain oats and delicious creamy butter make these flapjacks a satisfying and tasty treat. Made from organic produce and Fairtrade sugar.

Where can I buy it? In a Healthy U near you!

9. Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate

Green & Black’s is a UK-based chocolate company, owned by Kraft Foods. The company produces a range of organic, Fairtrade chocolate bars which are also available in Kenya.

Where can I buy it? In a Healthy U near you! Click here to find the Healthy U shops in Kenya.

More Fairtrade products will soon become available.

How do I recognize a Fairtrade product?

Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on the product.