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Fairtrade Eastern Africa | February 27, 2020

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Guidelines for Fairtrade @Work Partners

Welcome to Fairtrade @ Work!

Congratulations on becoming a Fairtrade @Work (F@W) partner! By signing up for F@W you have not only joined this global movement and increased your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) profile, but also helped in developing a more equal and sustainable Africa through Fairtrade.

As a global ethical movement, Fairtrade has contributed to bringing better living and working conditions to over 1.5 million farmers and farm workers in Africa and in other developing regions, as well as improving sustainable production practices in agriculture.

Globally, Fairtrade is supported by a network of schools, universities, businesses, and towns that promote Fairtrade and use Fairtrade products in their networks. This has had a significant impact on Fairtrade becoming the most recognised and trusted ethical certification in the world.

Which Fairtrade products can your company use?

For coffee in your canteen and at your office parties and events, you can find a list of all Fairtrade products available in Appendix I. A regularly updated list can be found on our website.

We are also on hand if you require assistance in sourcing Fairtrade products.

How can you promote your Fairtrade @ Work commitment?

Show off your partnership with Fairtrade! Tell your staff, stakeholders and media about the great journey you have embarked on; we will provide you with information about Fairtrade, including facts & figures and stories about the impact you are making by choosing to use Fairtrade products.

Show off your commitment internally:

  • Announce your commitment to Fairtrade in your staff meeting
  • Write about Fairtrade in your internal newsletter
  • Send the Fairtrade e-newsletters to all staff
  • Hang your Partnership Agreement in the office kitchen
  • Invite us to train your staff about Fairtrade – we could even do a coffee and tea tasting!

Show off your commitment externally:

  • Mention Fairtrade on your CSR page with click-through to the Fairtrade Marketing Organisation Eastern Africa website
  • Send a press release to your media network, we’ll assist you with distributing it and helping you source key facts to make your news interesting


You can also show your commitment to Fairtrade online – on your website and social media. Use Facebook and Twitter to share Fairtrade news and engage with us.Create a dedicated Fairtrade page on your websiteGet inspiration from our website to communicate what is Fairtrade – www.fairtrade.or.keUnder the section FAIRTRADE IN ACTION you can also find interesting stories showing the impact of Fairtrade on farming communities in Africa.

Whenever you use the FAIRTRADE Mark, please make sure you link it to our website, so that users can find additional information on Fairtrade.

Use of communications materials

We can share our communications materials artwork with you just tell us what you need.

How will we promote your commitment?

As a F@W partner you will be featured on our website, in our social media communication, in our quarterly e-newsletter and at our events wherever relevant. Please let us know if you have any other ideas on how we can communicate your commitment to Fairtrade.

Connect with us on social media

By connecting with us on social media we can share each other’s information about promotions, campaigns and news. You can find us on: