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Fairtrade Eastern Africa | January 26, 2020

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Ekorian’s Mugie Camp Premiers Fairtrade On Holiday Program

Ekorian’s Mugie Camp Premiers Fairtrade On Holiday Program

Fairtrade is proud to announce a partnership with Ekorian’s Mugie Camp as the first establishment to join our exciting Fairtrade on Holiday programme by purchasing Fairtrade products for use in their camp. By stocking and selling Fairtrade products, Ekorian’s Mugie Camp has demonstrated their ethical commitment to its guests as well as positively impact the producers of these commodities by allowing them earn a fair price for their products as well as use Fairtrade Premiums to develop their society. See our work areas on Youtube:

We sat down with Josh and Donna Perrett, the owners of Ekorian’s Mugie Camp and discussed the following;

How did Ekorian’s Mugie Camp get to know Fairtrade and the Fairtrade On Holidays  Programme

We first heard about Fairtrade through a friend while on a Nairobi visit. Being ecologically responsible we then started to look into the details of Fairtrade, and how we can support the  campaign through the products that we use in the camp. We do all our own shopping and take great care to read labels and buy responsible products from responsible producers

What has been the response from your guests at the camp with regards to your establishment using Fairtrade marked products

All our guests are proud to be associated with the Fairtrade On Holiday Program and are genuinely interested in how the use of these products benefit the local people of Africa.

We have a number of different Fairtrade products, the local ones are better received than ones from over seas, most guests prefer local products and the South African wine is a great hit being from the continent as opposed to Europe or the America’s.

In the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and helping your local community, what projects are Ekorian’s Mugie Camp involved in

  • Ekorian’s Mugie Camp thinks local. 90% of our employees are from the surrounding communities; the majority of these people have been trained at Ekorian’s Mugie Camp and now have major responsibilities throughout the Camp.
  • Ekorian’s Mugie Camp purchases fresh fruit and vegetable from local farmers and markets. Most of our meat products are bought from local farmers whom we know use free-range methods.
  • We encourage our staff, their family and friends to make products to sell in camp to help them take extra money home.
  • Guests staying at Ekorian’s Mugie Camp support the Mugie School in a number of ways. The School is unique in this area, being a big supporter of children with disabilities.
  • Ekorian’s Mugie Camp likes to inform and educate their guests on the local culture. We take our guests to local markets creating awareness on how rural Kenyans live and what they produce on their farms and properties.
  • Ekorian’s Mugie Camp have recently started a walking/camping experience in the nearby, Karisia forest which is guided and hosted by the Samburu locals from the forest. These guides take much joy in sharing their knowledge of the forest and its traditional and cultural importanct to their communities. The experiances are designed to make as little impact on the area as possible but to supply our guests with a rich and meaning full experience.
  • Ekorian’s Mugie Camp supports the Kaptuya community conservancy which neighbors Mugie Ranch. The conservancy overlooks the Rift Valley with breathtaking views, and gives our guests the opportunity to experience the Pokot Culture which is generally seldom visited.

For a second year running, Ekorian’s Mugie Camp has been nominated in several categories of The Safari Awards 2016. To read more about Ekorian’s Mugie Camp, please visit