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Fairtrade Eastern Africa | January 26, 2020

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Fairtrade On Earth Day

Fairtrade On Earth Day

This ‪‎Earth Day‬ Fairtrade is putting the spotlight on the many farmers around the world struggling with the effects of climate change.

“I’m ready to train others and pass my climate change knowledge on,” said Luke Metto, ‪‎Fairtrade‬ tea farmer at Sireet OEP in Kenya. Farmers like Luke don’t know if they will be able to go on farming tea because temperature and rainfall has become so unpredictable.

Farmers often use the Fairtrade Premium to co-fund climate change projects. Sireet OEP is working with Fairtrade Africa and an NGO, Vi Agroforesty, on a project called ADAPTea. This project aims to assist Fairtrade certified smallholder tea farmers in Eastern Africa to adapt to climate change and improve quality and crop yield. At Sireet, over 150,000 trees have been planted using Fairtrade Premium, which are improving soil fertility and providing shade for tea crops. Farmers have also received training on reducing deforestation, safe use of chemicals, organic composting, diversification and other sustainable agricultural practices.

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Find out more about Sireet OEP and how you can source Fairtrade certified tea from them: